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While a CRM System may not traditionally seem as important to your finance department as your ERP, it likely contains an abundance of valuable data that is just waiting to be discovered. Whether you are looking to cut costs or trying to decide where to invest a few more dollars, your Dynamics CRM system is full of information that can help. But simply looking at how the data stands today does not give you the entire story.

Trend Miner Delivers!

With in-depth trend analysis, Trend Miner can quickly show you how your sales, marketing, and service departments have performed over time and can help you to identify any missed opportunities or areas where improvements are needed.

Want to know if the reorganization of your support staff last quarter has made an impact?

Did the ROI of your marketing campaigns take a turn for the better after the investment you made last year?

How did modifying your opportunity qualification process impact the quantity and quality of your sales pipeline?

Currently you can probably guess the answers to these questions. Or maybe you can revisit last year's end-of-year presentations to compare. But with Trend Miner it won't be that hard!

Animated dashboards

Allow you to sit back and watch how your business changed with the decisions you made allowing you to quickly identify what worked and giving you the information you need to make strategic investment decisions. So while your CRM might not be a financial system, Trend Miner will undeniably help you deliver financial results. Now that's good ROI!

They require insightful trends and insightful intelligence into leads, campaigns, and marketing ROI. Trend Miner takes marketing data to another level.

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