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Your Marketing efforts drive demand for your business. With the dollar investment in marketing and communication initiatives, shouldn't you demand full visibility into results?

Marketing relies on more than just real-time data to make strategic decisions

Your organization's marketing leaders require insightful trends related to leads, campaigns, and marketing ROI. Trend Miner takes marketing data to another level by displaying marketing data in a way that isn't possible using CRM reporting alone.

Want to know how the quality of your leads has changed over time and if there are cyclical trends?

Need insight into which campaigns drove the highest volume of sales?

Do you have custom marketing fields or third party marketing products in CRM that you wish you could analyze?

Curious as to which profile of lead is most likely to convert to a sale?

Are you properly analyzing your email metrics over time and using the results to optimize new ads?

Pre-Built Reports & Dashboards

Valuable information at your fingertips, right out of the box, no programming required! Of course, you have the option to customize or build the Trend Miner reports that you need for your organization. Trend Miner reports and dashboards are designed to support the business objectives of all CRM users.

Marketing Dashboards:

  • Lead Conversion Ratio Trend
  • Lead Conversion Ratio by Owner Trend
  • Campaign ROI Trend
  • Lead Score Trend
  • Lead Status Reason Trend
  • And more

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