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Privacy Statement

Corporate Renaissance Group (CRGroup) is committed to the confidentiality of data received from clients and, in particular, respects the right of personal privacy. CRGroup does not sell, rent or loan any identifiable information regarding individuals and stores such information in such a manner as to ensure it is protected from unauthorized access or disclosure. Personal Information of identified individuals will not be shared with anyone outside CRGroup except for the specific purposes for which it was collected and only with those who have a relationship with CRGroup of such a nature that CRGroup is satisfied that they will preserve the confidentiality of such Personal Information.

Security Commitment

To preserve the security of information, Corporate Renaissance Group uses a level of technology which is among the highest in the industry. In addition to our electronic security measures, we maintain managerial procedures which augment these electronic controls with physical safeguards to secure the information that is collected online. So far as possible, we attempt to assure the security of such data but it must be recognized that no fool proof system of doing so currently exists. We cannot warrant the security of any information received online and must advise you that any information that is transmitted electronically or via the internet is at your own risk.

We may utilize other companies and individuals to collect data, deliver products, send physical or electronic mail, analyze data, collate statistics, assist us in our marketing efforts, process credit card payments and for various other services necessary for us to carry on our business and provide a high quality of service to our customers, we must rely solely on the representations of these companies and individuals that they have met our privacy standards as set out above. While we cannot warrant their compliance with these standards, we have received their written assurances that they will do so.

Information Collected by Us

Unless Personal Information is provided to us for a specific service, or to utilize a specific product marketed by us, we do not collect such information. It is not our intention to identify individuals who visit our website, other than by IP addresses. The information gathered from the IP addresses enables us to better design and administer our website, collects demographic information about those who visit our website, allows us to help diagnose problems which we may be having with our website, permits us to generally gather statistics and allows us to design and create software packages in line with our customer’s requirements.

The Law and Consent

At all times we strive to comply with the various privacy laws in force but we reserve the right to disclose any information which we, in our discretion, deem necessary to comply with the laws of any jurisdiction, to comply with any court documents requiring productions including subpoenas, search warrants and court orders, or where we consider such disclosure is necessary for the purposes of public security or for the preservation of our company’s safety, rights or property.

By accessing this site, YOU CONSENT to our collection and use of information as set out in the foregoing Privacy Policy. By accessing this website, you agree to our Privacy Policy and you accept its terms, as they may be amended from time to time. If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy and are not prepared to accept these terms in full, please do not access this website. Our Privacy Policy will be amended from time to time and may be updated even when the website is not. Your access to our website is your continuing acceptance of the Privacy Policy as it exists on the date of each access. Please ensure that you review the Privacy Policy whenever you access the site so that you remain current with its terms.

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