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Trend Miner provides instant time-based analysis of your sales team's pipeline and activities in CRM. Dynamics CRM is a vital tool for your sales team to manage leads and opportunities and generate sales for your business. Get the whole picture of the health of your sales efforts and compare them over time to strategize and prioritize sales efforts.

What can you see today?

Dynamics CRM dashboards display your sales pipeline as it stands today and you can quickly and easily slice the data by territory or sales stage.

CRM also shows the real-time status of CRM sales activities and goals.

This is great for getting a feel for the current status of your team's sales efforts, but what about comparing your pipeline year over year?

Trend Miner goes beyond a snapshot of your sales data – to complete historical trend analysis for better lead and opportunity management.
How do you know if your sales pipeline is improving?

This is where Trend Miner steps up!

Want to know how the first quarter of this year compares to the first quarter of last year?

Want to know if your sales staff is keeping their opportunities up to date?

How accurate is your estimated revenue pipeline compared to actuals?

Historical information on leads, activities, and opportunities at your fingertips

Trend Miner gives you the answer to these questions instantly, and out-of-the-box can be quickly exported and dropped directly into your next sales performance presentation or status meeting.

Pre-Built Reports & Dashboards

Valuable information at your fingertips, right out of the box, no programming required! Of course, you have the option to customize or build the Trend Miner reports that you need for your organization. Trend Miner reports and dashboards are designed to support the business objectives of all CRM users.

Sales Dashboards:

  • Opportunity Pipeline Trend
  • Opportunity Probability Trend
  • Opportunity Status Reason Trend
  • Opportunity Accuracy by Owner
  • Opportunity by Product Type Trend
  • Opportunity Count Trend
  • Opportunity Average Days Open Trend
  • Opportunity Count Trend
  • Quote Status Trend

Additional slicing available: by Manager, Business Unit, Territory, Site, Account, Products

Trend Miner will empower Sales Managers to take control of their sales pipeline, identify their true purchasing cycles, and drive better performance of the sales team.

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