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In most businesses, ensuring customer satisfaction can be just as important as generating new business.

Your CRM offers a window into the activities and results surrounding your support efforts but how do you know if things are improving?

Enter Trend Miner!

Looking to identify how your service cases age?

Curious how many days an incident spends in each step of the support process?

Do some of your service team members spend more time researching their support cases than others?

Does this translate into higher or lower customer satisfaction?

Trend Miner will deliver this information to you on a visually stunning platter. Slice and dice dashboard data by team, territory, subject, support person, customer, and more. Trend Miner will help you make sense of your support business and provide actionable insight that will ultimately lead to higher customer satisfaction and better business performance.

Pre-Built Reports & Dashboards

Valuable information at your fingertips, right out of the box, no programming required! Of course, you have the option to customize or build the Trend Miner reports that you need for your organization. Trend Miner reports and dashboards are designed to support the business objectives of all CRM users.

Service Dashboards:

  • Case Severity Trend
  • Case Status Ageing
  • Open Activities Priority Trend
  • Open Activities Type Trend
  • Case Resolution by Owner Trend
  • Case Resolution Time Trend
  • Case Priority Trend
  • Case Satisfaction Trend
  • Case Load by Owner Trend
  • Case Status by Subject Trend

Additional slicing available: by Status Reason, Priority, Case Origin, Case Type, Owner, Product, Subject, Account

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